Monday, September 17, 2012

Scribe for Period 3, 9/17/12

Today our class briefly went over the SAT #3 words (don't worry, they are still due on Friday), watched the music video We Didn't Start the Fire, discussed the short story Lamb to Slaughter, and peer edited Memoir #3.

SAT #3 Words
We read through the SAT #3 words out loud and looked at the exercises. Exercises 1-4 are pretty much the same as the last two times we have done this. On Exercise 5, we are only supposed to do the second half of it (the first half is writing a paragraph). The SAT #3 words and exercises are found on pages 37-45 in our Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT book.

We Didn't Start the Fire Music Video
We watched the music video We Didn't Start the Fire (sang by Billy Joel) today in class. After words, we shared our opinions on what it was about. We all agreed that the song was basically a list of things that have made conflicts in the past, or that are simply unpleasant. We also connected it to our semester question. See links below.

Lamb to Slaughter
Our class did a group discussion on the short story Lamb to Slaughter, written by Roald Dahl. We talked about how it relates to our semester question, and how it reflects what the human society is doing today. How we can so easily deceive ourselves. The annotations were checked, and some were collected.

Memoir #3 Peer Edit
In class, we peer edited each others Memoir #3. We did what we have done the last two times we've peer edited.

Links: We Didn't Start the Fire:

We Didn't Start the Fire Lyrics:

Lamb to Slaughter Short Story:

The Weeks Agenda:

Homework: Memoir #4 due on Thursday and SAT #3 words due on Friday

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