Friday, September 21, 2012

Scribe 9/21/12 Period 3

Class begins with morning announcements, YAY for Homecoming! Ms. Smith reminds us that Memoir 5 is due Monday, this will be our last memoir, and PLN2 on the Kony Video is due Monday as well. The weekly agenda can be found here:
The class chatters before taking our weekly SAT Words Test.
After the quiz, we learn about making our project.

Getting Started with VoiceThread

  • Each student needs to create an account using the email.
  • Play around an get comfortable with
  • To make a voicethread, you will use PowerPoint to make slides for your Memoir Presentation.
  • When you are finished, 'Save As' your name and then click 'Save As Type' select ‘.JPG’ before you save. ALWAYS save your PowerPoint as JPG for VoiceThread!
  • While in VoiceThread, click 'Upload' from 'My Computer' and find your slideshow.
  • To record your voice, click on 'Comment' and get ready to talk! USB headsets are available for rent in the Library.
Remember that this is an interactive presentation. Embed pictures, speak with tone, use other voices- whatever you can use to enhance your presentation. It's due Friday.  


Once Your VoiceThread Is Finished:

  • Once you are done and viewing your presentation, (Project is perfect!) go to 'Menu', and click 'Embed'
  • Copy the  Embed Code (CTRL+C)
  • Open a new tab and go to class blog-
  • Create a Post and in the post, change the format from 'Compose' to 'HTML' (It will look different that the space we are used to writing in, it's okay!)
  • Title the post your first name
  • In blank part, paste the Embed Code
  • Publish the post
  • The post should show up as your Memoir Presentation
Ms. Smith will be gone next week. We will work on VoiceThread Monday-Thursday in class.

Memoir 5
Create VoiceThread account if you didn't already in class


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