Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scribe for September 12, 2012 Period 5

Scribe for September 12, 2012
by: Lauren Tusa
English 9 Honors Period 5

Welcome to class!

If your computer is broken, please report it to Mrs. Smith or on the sheet on the chalkboard at the front of the room.

*Always plug in your computer at the end of class."

Annotations for The Interlopers or The Open Window by Saki were passed back.
SAT Questions that were discussed in class:
  • Do all the exercises but the essay exercise
  • Exercise 3, Number 1, Letter F: president is before something was put in place or established, or one who sits in front.
  • Exercise 3, Number 2: the world to fill in the blank is potable, meaning drinkable.
  • Exercise 3, Number 3: the root somn or "to sleep", so the words to replace are insomnia (not able to sleep) and sleep.
  • Exercise 3, Number 4: "secretly working" can be work from within, or being possessed by evil

Next, we peer edited our memoir 2's, with our rubrics out and at the ready. Make sure when peer editing you give compliments but also more constructive criticism so that the author of the piece is able to reflect on what to change for next time.

Memoir 3 will be due Monday for peer editing.
Read, annotate and have 3 questions for This Way to the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen. Don't forget to do background information on the author of this short story, Tadeusz Borowski

Have a great day!

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