Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scribe for 9/26/12 Period 3

The class introduction consisted of an introduction to the substitute teacher, Mr. Rosenberg, as well as a review of the lesson plan.

SAT Review:
Mr. Rosenberg stressed the importance of the SAT vocabulary and its impact on an SAT score. Students asked questions about the SAT exercises, and Mr. Rosenberg reviewed the SAT words. The review of the exercises and words encompassed the following:

Exercise III
Question 3: “A hyperactive child,” and “an impolite/degrading judge.”
Question 2: “An inclination for that activity,” “on the recliner, your physical fitness will decline.

SAT Words
Hedonism: A belief in doing things for the pleasure of one’s self
Debacle: A disaster
Quasi-: A prefix meaning part or half
Sadistic: Enjoying the pain of others; Ex. Older siblings are often sadistic towards younger siblings
Imperative: Necessary
Facetious: Funny and often directed in a friendly manner

The rest of the class became a workday for students to work on the memoir piece, which will ultimately be a combination of all the memoirs, and converting it to voicethread. The primary focus was on adding the voice elements and putting the project together.

The homework for today is to complete the SAT exercises by Friday and to continue work on the memoir so that it will be completed by Friday.

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