Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nate A. Memoir


  1. Awesome memoir, Nate! Your voice is very clear and it's very easy to understand. This was very well organized. I like how you had specific quotes from your memoirs. You also explained each quote and how it related back to your central theme, which was very good. I would give photo credit if you got any pictures off of the internet...
    Very nice job!

  2. Nice job Nate. Your theme was good, and your memoirs where well organized. It was also great that you had quotes from your memoirs in your voice thread. Your voice was really easy to hear and understand. The pictures were also good. Great job.

  3. Good job! The tone of your voice matched your theme really well. i liked how you connected the pictures to the text. You spoke clearly, and I understood you well, along with being able to follow along with the pace you were speaking at. however, Smith said that the conclusion was the most important part of it all, and I feel like you could make that a little better. Other than that though, Nice job!