Monday, September 10, 2012

Scribe: 9-10-12 Monday Period 5

        The first day of the fourth week of school: Monday the 10th. Today we had a substitute teacher.

To start things off we went through the 15 words of SAT 2 (on page 25). The words are impotent, 

antithesis, maelstrom, emendation, chagrin, bauble, diaphanous, labyrinth, gloat, impediment, bestial, 

effete, shard, bland, and nihilism. The test over the SAT 2 words is on Friday. The homework for today 

is to read either the short story Interlopers or the short story Open Window by Saki, annotate it, and ask 

three higher-level questions about the text. Be sure to think about the question for the semester: "How 

can literature be a motivator for social change?". Also, you need to do the SAT 2 exercises (due 

Friday). In class, we worked the background for the author Saki. We also worked on reading and 

annotating the short stories. If we finished with that, we got to work on the SAT 2 exercises. 

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