Monday, September 10, 2012

Scribe for Period 3, 9/10/12

Today our class briefly went over the SAT #2 words (don't worry, they are still due on Friday) and the short stories "The Open Window" and "The Interlopers".

SAT #2 Words
We read through the SAT words out loud and looked at the exercises. Exercises 1-4 are virtually the same thing as last weeks lesson, but exercise 5 is different. For exercise 5, we talked about how the best way to  read it was to read the two paragraphs that are shown before the actual passage is. Also, on the SAT quiz this week, there will be a couple of questions about the exercise 5 passage as well as the words definitions and parts of speech. The SAT #2 words and exercises are found on pages 25-35 in our Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT book.

Short Stories
For homework, we had to choose either "The Open Window" or "The Interlopers", two somewhat dark short stories written by the author Saki, to read and annotate. We were to find some cultural background information on him before we started reading.We have to do the typical 3 questions, connections, and literary devices.

The rest of the period was used as a work day, all of the students either working on their Saki background info, their annotations, their SAT words, or their memoir #2.

Links: The Interlopers:

The Open Window:

The Weeks Agenda:

Homework: "The Interlopers"/"The Open Window" annotations due tomorrow, memoir #2 due Wednesday, and SAT #2 words due Friday

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