Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/5/2012 Scribe Period 3

Scribe for 9/5/2012 Period 3


·         Memoir 1 due on Friday - one and a half to two pages, double spaced

·         Writing Conference – make sure you are signed up for a writing conference when Mrs. Smith is available

Discussion on PLN 1:

·         Class voted to not take a grade on PLN 1, but still record data for it, and definitely take a grade for PLN 2, but not record data

·         Need to apply notes from first PLN to second PLN, make it really good

·         Class average for PLN so far is a 2, only one person received a 3

SAT Questions?

·         Section II – doesn’t matter how sentences end, just need to show meaning of the word

·         Section III

o   Roots – base of a word

o   Prefixes – come before a word

o   Suffixes – come after a word

§  Use these to help break down a word

o   To fill in the blanks of the sentences, use the roots, prefixes, and suffixes to make words

Sniper discussion:

·         What does O’Flaherty’s background show?  What are the effects of war? What happens to morals during a war?

·         Do you think the outcome would have been different if the brothers knew that they were fighting each other?  The author is showing how war separates families.

·         Afterwards, some turned in annotations.

Discussion of Picture of Che Guevara

·         Che Guevara and Fidel Castro “saved” Cuba from dictatorship of military and brought freedom to lower class through words.  After they gained power they “forgot” about the lower class.

·         Shows how a person’s words and image can be a motivator for social change, another example is Martin Luther King

·         Question brought up:  On each side of war everyone thinks that the war is right and will cause everything to get better.  Does war really create change?  Or is everything still the same?

·         People can expose wrongs, but not always correct them

·         More than words are necessary to create social change:

o   Perseverance, actions, consistency, determination, pictures, and symbols

Discussion of Picture of Rage Against the Machine:

·         Symbol of the right fist raised, use symbols to show unity.  Where else do we see this?

·         Black Panthers verse Martin Luther King – violence verses words

Received Memoir Handouts:

·         Links to each handout found on the PowerPoint from today

·         Choose one type of memoir to write for Friday, but also circle 5 or 6 you are interested in

·         Looked at example of completely finished memoirs

End of Class!

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