Monday, September 24, 2012

Scribe Monday 9-24-12 Period 5

Yet another Monday, and the start of week six is upon us. Memoir #5 and PLN-2 were due today. The

first thing we went over in class was where to post PLN's. You MUST post your PLN's to your 

personal blog -do not post to the class blog. Secondly, if you haven't already, go into your settings on

blogger and turn 'word verification' OFF. Next, SAT 4 was assigned. The exercises are due Friday.

The quiz over the words is also on Friday. The words this week are celibate, fortuitous, recapitulate, 

perfunctory, baroque, hedonism, obloquy, debacle, quasi-, besmirch, imperative, sacrosanct, sadistic, 

demeanor, and facetious. For the quiz you need to know the word, definition, and part of speech. We

did not peer-edit Memoir #5 so that we would have more time to work on and ask questions about our

Voice Thread work. We went over what we are doing with our memoirs and Voice Thread. Tie all the

memoirs together under a common theme - this theme may not be the most obvious. We spent the

remaining time in class working on our Voice Threads.

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