Friday, September 28, 2012

Rachel Haysley Memoir project


  1. Voice Evaluation for myself:
    I gave myself a 3/4 because I thought I used a lot of emotion, but I sounded nervous through some parts of my piece.I think that my biggest weakness on this piece was provifing accurate background information.

    1. Rachel,
      Your memoir prject was very good. You put so much emotion into each story. I felt like I could feel what you were feeling. I really like your piece about running. :) Overall, I would give you a 3 and 3/4.

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  3. Rachel-
    Your organization lets the project flow effortlessly from topic to topic in a way that is very clear to the audience. The reflection of personality in the words you used let the emotion in your voice shine through and let the audience really become engaged in every word you said. I do not think you fully utilized the digital media to your advantage. Had you used it more effectively, it may have added more captivation and character to your project. Well done!

  4. Rachel, I liked your use of pictures! I think your presentation did a good job of conveying your overall theme. The viewer was provided with a window into your world and your voice had a lot of excitement. I think your background information was adequate, and wouldn't change it. A few things to work on may be to shorten the time limit and maybe emphasize your words less sometimes. Sometimes the emotion in your voice took away from the message of your memoirs. Overall, your project was interesting and I liked it! Good job!