Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scribe! 9/6/12 period 5


Homework due tomorrow: LOF annotation redos (for students who got 60% of lower), Memoir 1 (no more than two pages.), SAT book work (lesson 1 all exercises excluding exercise 5)
  • We started class today by handing back our annotated copies of  "The Sniper". We discussed what we were to do in class and what was due tomorrow (see above).
We also discussed upcoming due dates ( keep in mind, these dates are tentative):
    • 9/12- Memoir 2 due
    • 9/17- Memoir 3 due
    • 9/20- Memoir 4 due (this is subject to change)
    • 9/24- Memoir 5 due
    • 9/24 PLN #2 (the topic will be on a video just like PLN #1)
  • Most time spent in class was used as silent work time for memoirs and SAT words. Smith also used this time to complete PLN #1 conferences.
  • For memoir #1, it must be in a Google doc, and Smith recommends sharing it with someone in class.   

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