Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scribe for 9/27/12 Period 3


After morning announcements, Mr. Rosenberg (a substitute teacher) reminded everyone that the memoir showcase is tomorrow as well as the SAT quiz.

The class consisted of work time on the memoir. The objectives for the memoir today are to:
-Impress yourself, the class, and the world
-Add visuals
-Add text
-Add audio
-Possibilities are endless

Once the blog is completed, it needs to be posted on the Class Blog. To do this, go to the class blog and find “Embed Code” under the menu cog. Title the post with your name and use the HTML/Compose mode to post.

For homework, complete the SAT 4 exercises and study for the SAT quiz. Also, make sure that your voice thread is posted on the Class Blog for tomorrow’s showcase.

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